Athlete Spotlight: Katie Roos, Titans Soccer

Athlete Spotlight: Katie Roos, Titans Soccer

Name: Katie Roos

Year: First

Major: Human Kinetics

Sport: Titans soccer

Mars’ Hill: How did you first get involved in soccer?

Katie Roos: I have been playing soccer since I was about six years old.

MH: How did you hear about TWU and Titans soccer?

KR: I first heard about Trinity Western University through my family. Both my parents graduated from here, while two of my older sisters also attend school here.

MH: What made you want to continue playing soccer at university?

KR: I grew up playing soccer and knew that I would enjoy continuing to play here at TWU. Soccer has always been a big part of my life and I didn’t want that to end when I went to university.

MH: What’s your greatest soccer related accomplishment?

KR: One of my greatest accomplishments while playing soccer is definitely being named the captain of my high school soccer team. This gave me the opportunity to have an influence on my team members in a positive way and help contribute to the overall environment of our team.

MH: What’s the best part about playing with the Titans soccer team?

KR: The best part of my experience with the Titans is the overall environment of the team. I have never had the opportunity to play on a Christian based sports team and for me it has been a really different and amazing experience. It has helped change my view on sports in a positive way and shown me how much of a difference it is to have a sports team and peer group who have the same beliefs as I do.

MH: How does Titans soccer compare to other teams you’ve played for?

KR: As I mentioned before, it is a very different experience having Christian peers and coaches compared to other teams I have played on where this is not the main focus. On other teams I have played for, we didn’t pray before games or have a faith-based attitude in all that we did. I have found that having the support and same beliefs as the peers on my team has shown me a whole new side to sports.

MH: Do you play any other sports than soccer?

KR: In addition to playing with the Titans soccer team I also play hockey. Next year I plan on playing with the Spartans women’s hockey team.

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