[box] Dear haters, Soy milk is a delicious and nutritious drink, and I will continue to consume it proudly. Don’t project your fear of soy-based products onto me. Thank you.[/box] [box] Attention girls of 3W: Water in a kettle takes about 2 minutes to boil, not 10. I mean, don’t graduate, get a boyfriend, get married, have kids, see your kids have kids. . .AND THEN come turn off the kettle. -.- just sayin.[/box]

[box] every lecture you skip costs roughly $85.80. consider that next time you figure it’s not worth showing up.[/box]

[box] I wish I had someone to make out with in a car in the dark outside of Macmillan. The two shadows of 630TLG, you’re making me jealous.[/box]

[box] I’d pin that.[/box]

[box] “Sing me to sleep with something sweet”: 604-765-8792[/box]

[box] I never know what to do when athletes hand me that piece of paper after chapel telling me to come to their games...does this give me free admission? Do I make a paper airplane out of this?[/box]

[box] Jew or Gentile? This is a NAWKWARD question. It’s totally valid.[/box]

[box] So Admiral Ackbar’s on the toilet and he’s like, “It’s a crap!”[/box]

[box] To the studly Spartan hockey player who sports jersey #17: I didn’t used to like hockey…but things changed once I watched you play ;)[/box]

[box] Some couples who should have been an item but still aren’t... what the heck are you guys doing???[/box]

[box] To the girls wearing dresses and heels on the are making the ratio of 3:1 WAY more difficult for me while I’m sitting here in my sweats.[/box]

[box] To the mom in my philosophy class, no I do not want to hear about how your life can magically relate to every SINGLE topic we discuss. Put your hand down.[/box]

[box] I love technology but not as much as you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever.[/box]

[box] Movember, movember the fifth of movember.[/box]

[box] I will bake you delicious brownies in exchange for lessons in skills like ‘dougie-ing’ or ‘turning on a mac’[/box]

[box] I know you don’t get my texts because of your media fast, but you can read this so here it is: I MISS YOU!!!!![/box]

[box] Stop trying to make “leggings for men” work![/box]

[box] Dear parents, Thanks for giving me a common name with an uncommon way to spell it. Sincerely, My name is now never on those customized keychains.[/box]

[box] snacks on snacks on snacks #lifeofacommuter[/box]

[box] Is it just me that notices the cafe music? Sometimes we’ve got our classic Mozart, other times we have Jay-Z[/box]

[box] Dear Undergrads, We at ACTS Seminary say Hello. You’re all amazing and God has amazing things for your life. If you are thinking about Grad School, come check us out... trust me, we don’t bite. We are hidden among you but we all think you’re great.[/box]

[box] HEDLEY in the FRODO! #throwbackthursdays[/box]

[box] I don’t have the balls to tell him, so I submitted a declassified.[/box]

[box] Hey Charmaine, If you could give me a chance, I will be the best boyfriend ever! You can even make me your walking ATM Machine!!!!!!!![/box]

[box] marrying the first boyfriend you had.. some call it beautiful, i call it lazy.[/box]

[box] being forced into a group paper of second years.. and Asians... shoot me.[/box]

Number one strei-fan

Number one strei-fan

Union and Unity

Union and Unity