[box] I missed ‘I Surrender’ at chapel today... DANGIT.[/box] [box]Dear TWUSA, you’re great. But please stop liking your own facebook statuses. Sincerely, A TWUSA Member[/box]

[box] Sterling, just wondering if you’ve applied yet?[/box]

[box] “I am going pee, anyone wanna come?” -Short guy in 6 low[/box]

[box] WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. I have only done this once before.[/box]

[box] Is it true that if you kill your roommate you get straight A’s? #YOLO[/box]

[box] Swag flows out of me like sweat -Life of an HKIN major[/box]

[box] Why do people talk about the “real world” like it is stressful, boring, lonely, and generally dismal? Everytime I complain about something, people say “Yup, well, that’s what the real world is like.” Well excuse me, but I’m looking forward to a social, fun life with a rewarding career after Trinity.[/box]

[box] I can wait.[/box]

[box] Watch your back pony boy[/box]

[box] FREE KITTENS: 604 746 9770[/box]

[box] I’m still not quite sure which Colin I would choose. -love 4/5 upper[/box]

[box] Man, just how common is this thing called ‘friendzone’ at Trinity? I feel for ya, bro (fist pump)[/box]

[box] Ladies, you excited about that really cute guy who has suddenly noticed you? I dare you to check the balance on his food card.[/box]

[box] I wish I liked having babies... that way I could become a surrogate mother and make loads of cash![/box]

[box] Procrastinating so hard when I should be finishing this english paper for Cavalli. . . dannnnnnnnnnnnng.[/box]

[box] Whoever discovered carding room 162 is a genius![/box]

[box] I would totally buy that man a Cherry Chiller if he let me join him at his corner booth. *sigh.[/box]

[box] LOVE MORE[/box]

[box] Maybe the Mayan calendar was just for TWU… #Union[/box]

[box] Two worlds, ONE FAAAAAAMILYYYYY![/box]

[box] The things my tough slidey phone has survived: concrete, a pint, baby slobber, vomit, and maple syrup. Take that iPhone[/box]

[box] I’m debating whether or not to go sit by Caleb Ropp in the LC. But he’s just too FANTASTIC..![/box]

[box] I wonder if Caleb Ropp is allergic to craisins?[/box]

[box] Caleb Ropp, please don’t think all of my friends are creepy for writing all these de-classifieds about you..[/box]

[box] Do you want to know what I’ve learned at Trinity? NO ONE IS GOOD WITH NAMES. NO ONE. NOT EVEN ME.[/box]

[box] Dear 4/5 Low Ladies, It’s one thing to break dorm hours. It’s another thing to break dorm hours and then wave to me and the rest of campus through your open window while you do it. Sincerely, I learned to close my blinds.[/box]

[box] Almost done! You can do it![/box]

[box] Oh.. I didn’t know people actually played the ‘God card’...[/box]

[box] “I’m glad I learned cursive back in elementary school. I use it all the time!” said no one... ever[/box]

[box] Top hair. It’s a thing.[/box]

[box] I dare someone to ‘milk’ in the middle of the cafe. Milking is sooo the new planking.[/box]

[box] There’s a special place in hell for people who eat the chocolate from advent calendars out of order.[/box]

[box] I hate three things: poverty, global warming and fake pockets on jeans.[/box]

[box] I hate three things: poverty, global warming and fake pockets on jeans.[/box]

[box] Hey Brunette in the back row of BIO 241, Your protons make my ATP synthase turn. -Life of a BIO major #LucasLips[/box]

[box] All I want for Christmas is one of the Strom brothers.[/box]

[box] If you don’t know who Princess Consuela Bananahammock is, we can’t be friends.[/box]

[box] Someone needs to make Russian nesting dolls of Cavalli’s seven sons. Sold![/box]

[box] Everybody knows I’m a mothaflippin’ drink lover...[/box]

[box] It’s simple, I prefer my eggs over easy, my coffee with cream, and my love with reckless abandon.[/box]

[box] RPSA, teach me how to dougie.[/box]

[box] Man Confessions: When I applied for TWU, I wanted to live in the Northwest building. I didn’t realize it was all girls; all I knew was that it looked like the best choice.[/box]

[box] Chris Voth, you mystical creature[/box]

[box] Shortage of white chocolate macadamia cookies in the collegium. #commuterproblems[/box]

[box] POLLOS[/box]

[box] Cam Sorensen isn’t coming back next semester?! What am I and the cougars on glover going to do?![/box]

[box] I don’t speak in tongues, but I kiss that way![/box]

[box] Hey stats students, stop hogging all the computers.[/box]

[box] #TWUSAPuppieRoom[/box]

[box] LLC Fall 2013. PARTY![/box]