[box] Got new glasses today... Did you know trees have leaves?[/box] [box] Recently introduced to BBC’s Sherlock... Best Show Ever![/box]

[box] Nearing grad is scary... nvm I’ll just gain super senior status instead.[/box]

[box] Why is the prayer room always so cold?[/box]

[box] It’s okay, remember rain down here = snow on the mountain.[/box]

[box] Dear TWU, Thought you were rid of me? Suckas! I can still write declassifieds from Israel mwahaha.[/box]

[box] Ladies, be honest, mustache or no mustache #notmovember[/box]

[box] Don’t talk to science profs unless you’re 100% sure of your facts. They’ll do the calculations in their head to check otherwise.[/box]

[box] Check out @nedsays folks![/box]

[box] New Year’s Resolution: Be single AND happy.[/box]

[box] When someone gives you food and you think for a split second that it’s poisoned.[/box]

[box] When your RA doesn’t know that the Lord’s prayer is in the bible.. -.- WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE. ;)[/box]

[box] Mars Hill: we accept submissions, but jk, we’ll never publish them.[/box]

[box] To the guy who didn’t flush in the bathroom by the LC. I recognized your shoes. I know who you are. Don’t let it happen again.[/box]

[box] Me: “What is that english device where the mood of a character in a book is reflected in the weather?” My RA: “You mean. . .like mood nail polish?” Me: “. . .what?”[/box]

[box] Come to Sunday Night Alive and see Candace Howard. 8pm @ the Atrium. Jan 27, Feb 10, March 3, 17, April 7.[/box]

[box] Now I know Romans and trees go together.. RELS 250, amirite?[/box]

[box] “Meat. There’s real meat, and then there’s sausages.” -Peter Durovic[/box]

[box] Leave the guys in skinny jeans alone. You girls all wear spandex to keep up with fashion. Seriously though, they should be banned. I need to study and I cant stop staring at your Gluteus Maximus[/box]

[box] New ART prof... mmmhmmm[/box]

[box] great.. YouTube has ANOTHER new layout... now I get to watch more videos on how to watch videos.[/box]

[box] Need honey mustard sauce? Mix honey and mustard, it’s the same thing. Trust me.[/box]

[box] Has anyone else noticed that when a guy and a girl go for a walk together everyone flocks to their windows and stops their cars to stare in shock. Its like they’ve discovered a new animal species.[/box]

[box] Deadline is Jan 20th. Have you applied yet?!??!?!?![/box]

[box] 500 wrd essay.. Does that even count?[/box]

[box] Dear TWU Pillars yearbook...looking through your facebook page, it seems as though the majority, and I mean that by almost ALL, of your pictures are shots of resident students. Are you forgetting that the majority of students in TWU are commuters? It’s quite obvious they’re residents due to their basic attire![/box]

[box] Popcorn from the dollar store, a little sketchy..[/box]

[box] Yep, playing with puppies was definitely a good stress reliever :) Thanks TWU Student Association!![/box]

[box] If you don’t know who Princess Consuela Bananahammock is, we can’t be friends.[/box]

[box] it feels like every girl in my dorm has been DTRing lately...and i’m just sitting here in my pj’s, watching pride & prejudice, and eating chocolate.[/box]

[box] it feels like every girl in my dorm has been DTRing lately...and i’m just sitting here in my pj’s, watching pride & prejudice, and eating chocolate.[/box]

[box] I don’t speak in tongues, but I kiss that way![/box]

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief