New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions


Don't drop the ball on these ones.

Buy a nude colored onesie.

Use my binoculars more often for . . . pretty much everything.

Create an alternative to “yolo.” Something like “yogtto” which is “you only go to Trinity once”... unless you're Mitch Sorensen.

Clean my retainers. That mold won’t get rid of itself,amirite?

Hang off the gate at the front entrance of campus and see if it still goes up. #probablynot

Become Rebel Wilson.

Initiate tap-shoes into my weekly wardrobe.

Hunt down a freshman boy and force him into a DTR.

Be more specific about Christmas gifts next year to avoid confusion between a “Kindle” and a “Ken Doll.”

Exercise and eat healthy the first day back to school and then talk about it for two weeks.

Steal a golf cart...again.

Swim in the TWU pond and then shower for five days straight.

The ginger life is the life for me

The ginger life is the life for me