Is it just me, or does anyone else find D. Provost extremely attrac­tive??


I don’t know who you are, but you have the most wonderful laugh I have ever heard. It makes me smile.


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Dear roomy,

What are your views on peeing in the shower?




Every time a male spikes a vol­leyball in class: IAMGOINGTO­DIEIAMGOINGTODIEIAMGO­INGTODIE.


Your the kind of boy i would make a sandwich for.


Sitting alone in the caf and I’m thinking “all the women who are independent throw your hands up in the air” and everyone else is thinking “lonely, I’m mr lonely, I have nobody to call my own...”


Short buff Sodexo guy. Your muscles ripple everytime you swipe my card.


To the awkward couple that was making out at 11:20am on Jan 17th in the atrium: That was gross.


Colin Weeres, you are a hard man to find bro! I had to Facebook creep you for like, 15 minutes to find a picture of you. Sheesh, be more accessible.


I think someone should start a D&D club, would that not be awe­some!?!


When someone doesn’t answer the door. That is not a reason to open the door.

-Tired of Uninvited Guests


Sorry, I can’t, I’m already in a rela­tionship with someone(the library).


You know what they say about big hands: “Ouch”.


Burnt popcorn: you can work around the burnt pieces. . .but you can’t escape the smell.


Sorry guy in the gym who tried to start a conversation with me. . .I think. I’m a really nice person I swear!


I miss being able to mix my hot chocolate and coffee in the caf in complete secrecy and without the up charge.






Once upon a time, I thought I’d write an article about zombies. then Cameron Reed beat me to it... props, man, but don’t do it again.


One time I thought it would be a good idea to live in Northwest, then I realized it would be a better idea to live amongst the animals in the back forty.


TWUSA, Do the right thing and clean your printer drum.


Sometimes I feel the urge to randomly walk up and sit with the soccer cult at lunch but then I’m like mmmm betta not.


trying to look nice for my 8 am class has become as possible as the canucks having a decent season #nevergonnahappen


Hey RA in Fraser 2A do you want to go on a dorm date without the dorm?


My friends are all in relationships and I’m like...I like that boulder, that’s a nice boulder.


“I love being a commuter, I love the feeling of being able to go home, open the door, drop a deuce and think to myself, I can do that!” #stuffPetersays

Goodness vs. gracious

Goodness vs. gracious

Betting on the Big Bowl

Betting on the Big Bowl