Dear Scott, There are clean versions of songs for things like Hootenanny.


My Virgin Ears


Dear Virgin Ears,

Your ears can’t be that virgin if you picked curse words out of a censored song.




 To whoever was making bird noises in the tree the other day, I know you were spying on them. And just because they said, “See you tomorrow” to each other after math tutorial doesn’t mean...


 Where are we going lil guy? Do I need to bring my wallet?


I couldn’t help but notice that “awesome” ends with “me”, and “ugly’ begins with “u”


It is so hard to hold in my manli­ness!



When the most exciting thing that happened over the weekend was a homeless man stealing a diet coke from the caf. .. Well at least he’s watching his sugar in take.

Just look into my eyes and tell me that I can get a 4.0 gpa

Don’t know if this girl is fun, or she’s just on T 3’s…

If your sad because you were alone on Valentines Day, Just re­member nobody loved you on the other days of the year either

dayyyymmm that Spartans hockey team has really picked up some beauties this semester <3 #12

gotcha continues... feb 14th.

One thing I dislike about chapel: feeling like the 6 foot and taller guy behind me is straddling me.

I’m here for you, but know that I’m just as scared as you.

Quit Stalin, and be Mein!

Here’s my open mouth and a limp tongue. What more do you want?


Keep an oxygen tank in the Mar­ley collegium! Someone laughed for two minutes straight. I timed it! When, X was told to keep a straight face, X laughed again… FOR TWO MORE MINUTES. When X was shown a video of X laughing, X started laughing AGAIN. Luckily their pectoralis major was tired out. Was it dis­tracting, or did I just find a good research paper topic?

Don’t waste it! Into my hand!

Your world is about to change.

Sooo Fraser and Mackenzie sitting in a tree? #tradition

Justin Poulsen, are you in a rela­tionship yet?

Did you know that “mother-in-law” is an anagram of “woman hitler”? Let that be a lesson to all you freshman couples.

604 for life.

If Kent Clarke is superman, who is Tom Hatina?

Can someone please make Trinity dance parties mandatory every friday night? #needmyfix

There already is a D&D club on campus. Talk to Jason V.

Please stop stealing from the caf. They do so much for this campus and donate lots each year. I heard they hardly even make any money and still treat us so well. So please, respect Sodexo and appreciate what they do for us. - sincerely, student who cares about the well-being of their university.

Yo Mucho Goodo Taco,

Actually, the Aztec word for avo­cado is awakatl.


Diego Hernández

I swore I would never become a Trinity couple. On my mother’s bloodstained grave I swore it. But I was foolish, and now I weep for the loss of my integrity. Bad foresight and all.



Fast times on a first date

Fast times on a first date