Hey, It’s Okay

Hey, It’s Okay


You’re not normal, but you’re not alone.

-        if going to the bathroom during class is just an excuse to wander and stare at the artwork in RNT

-        if the rain has made you give up on any chance of a normal wardrobe

-        if swimming in the pond is somehow an attractive “must do” before graduating

-        if you know for sure that someone who was actually up to no good would still make it past security at the front gates

-        if you would dish out big bucks for Scott Forsyth to dance just for you

-        if you get an ego boost when a professor remembers your name

-        if you have tried multiple four-digit codes to get into the newly locked janitors closets in Fraser

-        if your weirdness has gone from a level 3 to a level 7 since being at Trinity

-        if you hide books in the library you plan to check out later (probably don’t make a habit of it though)

-        if the shortened version “J. Ray” is your new favorite abbreviation at Trinity

-        if you’re not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift (have we ever considered that she is the common denominator in all of these relationship? #clingy)

-        if you constantly complain about the cafeteria food but then willingly wait in line for 20 minutes to get your hands on the lunch specials

-        if you think the joke about camping out somewhere between Northwest and Neufeld because of the distance is still funny

-        if your mailbox is empty 10 out of 10 times you check it

-        if you want to write a declassified about your crush in the Mars’ Hill, but are still suspicious about this whole “anonymous” thing

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Spartans run out of gas