Kid talks

Kid talks


An interview with TWU's kids-in-residence.

What are your mid­dle names?

Sophie: Sophie Rain Werdel.

Penny: Penny Ann Werdel.

How old are you guys?

Penny: I’m four and she’s six.

I wanted to ask you a few questions, but first we’ll pull out the stickers and you guys can color on this paper. What is your favourite colour?

Sophie: Colourful.

Penny: My favorite colour is Pink.

Sophie: I like whatever.

What’s your daddy’s job?

Penny: Going to work.

Ok, but what does he do for work?

Sophie: He’s a Resident Hall Director

Oh, what does that mean?

Sophie: I don’t know.

What do you like or not like about liv­ing here?

Penny: I like playing with toys here.

Sophie: I like going for walks.

Penny: The only thing that I do not like the most is sleeping.

Sophie: And fire alarms!

Penny: She cries [when the alarm goes off ].

Is there anyone else your age who lives here?

Sophie: No! There’s no more kids here! [Other kids who come to cam­pus] they’re always shy!

Who are your two favourite students who come over and visit?

Sophie: Julia and Tim!

Do you know that it’s different that you live here? That most people don’t live in a place like this?

Sophie: Nope.

Do you like to play outside here on cam­pus? Where is your favourite place to go?

Penny: To McDonalds!

No, like on campus.

Sophie: Umm, we go to the tree [out­side Douglas]. And we ride bikes.

Penny: The Secret Garden [outside the library].

Do you ever go to the cafeteria?

Sophie: We go to the caf by Patti’s of­fice.

What do you like to eat there?

Sophie: I like blueberry bagels.

Penny: I like umm sandwiches. Umm like the ones that have umm bacon on it. I like those ones.

Do you think you would like to go to school here someday?

Sophie: I don’t think so.

Penny: School isn’t very much fun.

If we were going to paint Fraser a dif­ferent color, what color should we paint it?

Penny: Pink and colorful.

Sophie: Red.

Penny: How about a zebra! Like paint a zebra on the walls!

 If you could build a new building on campus, what would it look like?

Penny: All pink. With white inside. And trampolines!

Would it have animals in it?

Penny: No, because they would pee on our floor!

What is your favourite animal?

Penny: My favourite animal is a chee­tah.

Sophie: I don’t have a favourite.

I’m supposed to write the feature for this upcoming Mars’ Hill issue. What should I write about?

Penny: Don’t write a scary story. May­be… about a princess that was locked in a tower.

What’s your favorite princess?

Sophie: Little Mermaid.

If we were going to have a petting zoo here, what kind of animals should we have?

Penny: A flamingo, and a cheetah, and a dog.

What’s your favourite animal?

Sophie: Umwm I really like fish. Like bright coloured fish.

Penny: We can have those too, then.

If you could say something to all the people that live here, and I was going to put it in the newspaper, what would you like to say?

Sophie: I like lollipops.

Penny: Me too!


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