A Loss to Learn From

A Loss to Learn From


Spartans fall to UC Riverside in exhibition match Written by Andrew Patterson 

It was a loud and proud Spartan atmosphere at the old David E. Enarson Gymnasium on Friday night as the newly formed TWU Spartans took on the UC Riverside Highlanders of the NCAA. The Spartans experimented with new and returning players to prepare for the season. Although the Spartans took a hard 98-76 loss, it is simply a loss to learn from.

The difference of skill level between div. 1 NCAA and CIS basketball certainly showed throughout the game. The Highlanders moved the ball better, took better shots, and ultimately scored more points than the Spartans. The Spartans struggled as they caused a few too many turnovers and did not play defense to the best of their capabilities. However, the Spartans did a fair job against a team from a league that is far superior to the CIS.

Notable players for the Spartans were Mark Perrin, who scored a good 16 points, Denny McDonald, who scored 12, while Kelvin Smith and Anthony Ottley scored 11 points each. Ottley, a potential addition to the Spartans, showed much promise as he made his presence known throughout the game.

It was the first quarter where the Spartans started to dig themselves into a hole; fortunately, they managed to stay consistent from the second quarter on. The hole the Spartans dug themselves, however, was too deep to recover from. Ultimately, it was a good effort, but not solid enough.

The Spartans should not take this loss too hard, as it was, after all, just an exhibition game. This loss is not one to worry about. There is still plenty of time before the season begins. The Spartans will start their season at home against Calgary on the 1st of November. In the meantime, there is still plenty of work and improvement that needs to be put in if the Spartans want to have a chance at a CIS championship.

Though the day ended in a loss, this game should strengthen them as they learn from their mistakes and build team chemistry. Yet again, the Spartan athletics program has put together another exciting team on the floor for the upcoming season.

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