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All Delighted People – When the Morning Comes Written by Erik Delange

From the second the first track started playing I felt a stirring in my heart and peace wash over me. The beauty of When the Morning Comes infiltrated not just my heart but flooded my mind.

As much as I enjoy analyzing, discerning, and reflecting on the socio-spiritual implications of modern popular music such as Vampire Weekend, the National, and Local Natives, when I stumbled upon the latest from All Delighted People on Noisetrade, there came with the first listening a transcendent calm. It washed away the cynicism of my analytic angst and seemed to say “You’re safe here, let this wash you clean” without sacrificing lyrical depth or musical ornament (what with their 10+ members.)

While the lead vocalist leans a little more toward a whine than I tend to enjoy, the Explosions in the Sky-esque instrumentals and triumphant melodic crescendos take All Delighted People straight to your heart.  But these words don’t really do it justice; you’ll have to listen for yourself.


We all know it can be difficult to find good music to listen to and movies to watch ethically on a college budget, and so this section is dedicated to the promotion of cheap or free music and films.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to send it to erik.delange@mytwu.ca with a 250 word write-up of why you like it and we might feature it here!


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Mars’ Hill Summer Music Favourites

Mars’ Hill Summer Music Favourites