L.O.V.E. Stories

Sunday night is always a party at Langley Lodge. Like clockwork, the Trinity team walks through the front doors to a group of elderly just waiting to play a good game of Go Fish. “They always forget the rules,” Louann Claussen, the leader of last year’s team, says of her past couple years serving. It never stops them from enjoying a game though, especially two best friends by the name of Betty and Dorothy. They love costume jewelry, big sweaters and purses. “Even if all they are carrying is the remote from their room,” Louann laughs. The two ladies love when the Trinity group comes, always ready for some young excitement. “What’s happening tonight??” They always ask. Even just some light conversation makes them thrilled to have guests. Especially Cat. Without missing a beat, at the end of every night, Cat would lock her door before running down the hall and sending the team off, each with a big kiss on the cheek. Cat was always a surprise, Salsa dancing and switching languages mid-sentence. She always had something crazy to talk about that left the team searching her out just for another one of her wild conversations. Even though most residents have a hard time remembering faces, it’s still worth it for both the elderly and the Trinity team. “It’s starting from scratch every week,” Louann says. “But every week they are so excited to see us.”

A Striving Wind

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