The "Rev" Says

Hello and welcome to the first ever “Rev. Says!” My name is Nicholas Lee, and I am a double major in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. I am currently on the track for Ordination in the Anglican Network in Canada, and will be using this space in the Mars Hill to convey my thoughts, add my two-cents on debates, and to otherwise talk about rad theological stuff. I have been thinking recently about romantic relationships. In particular, my thoughts have been on what it is we do when we enter into a relationship with someone.

What some people may not realize is that a romantic relationship is one that we can most exemplify Christ. Healthy relationships often bring vulnerability. We share things within a romance; we spend unusual amounts of time together, we are intimate, we share love.

In Ephesians chapter 5, St. Paul tells us that our relationship with our spouse should mirror our relationship with Christ, and ultimately bring us to a deeper understanding of His love. Through fighting and making up, we can extend forgiveness. Through talking and understanding, we step inside each other’s shoes and practice empathy; we can love the other as ourselves, fully and without reserve. You are bearing His image, you are showing Christ, even in romance.

A romantic relationship, especially one of marriage, is a precursor to our union with God in heaven. It is, essentially, a microcosm of the redemptive story of the entire cosmos; a shadow of the reconciliation of all things, and a mirroring of the marriage between the mystical body of Christ and our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. This is what a serious romantic relationship entails. Romance is a sign, and it signifies a greater reality. Recognizing this should add to the richness of what we have, and what we are doing when we date, court, or marry someone.

May you come to see that your desire to live out a true, beautiful and good relationship is only a fraction of what Christ desires with you. May you walk in the knowledge of His infinite capacity for Love, and may you use the relationship you are in to echo this love, in all of eternity, through His Grace. Amen.

For now, this is what the “Rev” says.

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