Where Does Your $65 Student Fee Go?

Pillar exists to document and memorialize the student experience at Trinity Western University. This mostly consists of designing the yearbook, but it also involves actively providing content for the Pillar Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Stipends This year Pillar has twelve student paid positions, including an editor-in-chief, a grad coordinator, and various photographers and videographers. A large team is needed to build and sustain the quality work that Pillar produces each year.

Publication Costs This is the cost of printing approximately 1300 Pillar yearbooks to be distributed at the end of the year.

Capital Investments in camera equipment, office equipment, computer software, and furnishings.

Administration This includes stationery, supplies, ACP membership, retreats, and staff incentives.

TWUSA The Trinity Western University Student Association exists for three core reasons: Events, Services, and Advocacy. Its mission is to promote a maturing and active commitment to Jesus Christ among its members; challenging one another spiritually, socially, and intellectually; providing individuals with opportunities for involvement; and positively impacting the life of the University and the community at large.

Stipends TWUSA has 19 paid leadership positions with a vast array of roles and responsibilities.

Office Services This includes all of the free services provided to students from the TWUSA office: printing, coffee, hot chocolate and tea, equipment and bicycle rentals, and hugs.

Student Relations This department covers all the communication needs for TWUSA, and it funds small scale creative events specifically tailored to building community among undergraduate students.

Faculty Reps Aside from advocating for students in their constituent faculties, the faculty representatives each have budgets to promote community within their schools. They host events and bring in speakers.

Events This budget will provide opportunities for students to engage in the community, to foster positive relationships, and create an overall sense of school spirit and pride through special, organised events.

The CUBE The price paid for and average textbook is shocking, abhorrent and unjust. In recognition of this, the CUBE exists to help students buy and sell their books at affordable prices.

Proposals The Proposals budget is available for clubs and students to fund their events and ideas. If you have an idea that needs funding, stop by the office and ask how you can tap into these resources. TWUSA encourages all students to take advantage of these funds.

Mars’ Hill
 The Mars’ Hill seeks to be a professional and relevant student publication, reflecting and challenging the TWU community.

Stipends Fifteen students are employed to produce a high-quality bi-weekly newspaper. The compensation that each position receives varies greatly by workload.

Printing This total reflects the costs of printing twelve issues throughout the year.

Equipment upgrades New office chairs and other small equipment upgrades.

Administration This covers all the background costs that facilitate the writing, designing, and creation process of the paper. It includes the basic and necessary supplies for the office (pens, post-it notes, staplers, paper, etc.), as well as retreats, food costs, and contributor incentives.

Special Incentives Most students would likely agree that their time at TWU has been immeasurably beneficial and transformative. The special initiatives budget exists in recognition of the gratefulness the students have, and is a means to give back to the University. With these funds TWUSA, Pillar, and Mars’ Hill have banded together to host fundraising events and provide donations to support the school. Keep in tune to hear what these initiatives will be, and how you can lend your support.

Final Comments If you would like more detail on some of these figures and their rationales, you can find the 2013-2014 budget in the TWUSA.ca website under the documents tab. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Walter Brynjolfson, TWUSA VP of Finance at walter.brynjolfson@gmail.com.

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The Meaning of Life

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