Mars’ Hill Team 2018-2019


Niki Mara | Editor-In-Chief

Hello, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Mars’ Hill this year! I am an almost-graduated Education Major from Chelyabinsk, Russia, but I would like to think of myself as a lot more than just a future teacher. A lot of the work you have seen in the newspaper this year has been centered around my vision for free exploration and curiosity (I guess I am a teacher at heart, never mind.) My personal interests include, but are not limited to, music and guitar, writing, Russian culture and society, and scaring my team members to death with my aggressive silent treatment during meetings.

Fun facts about me: I speak Russian better than English (don’t test me, it’s terrifying), I am a professional balloon artist, and I do LARPing (Live Action Roleplay) to satisfy my advanced inner nerd.


Sabine Henderson | Managing Editor

Hey! I'm the Managing Editor (the first female one in seven years!), meaning that I oversee the team, proofread, write down all the ridiculous things said during production weekends, critique Niki, and work on whatever no one else is assigned to do. Beyond my work in this hidden little office, I enjoy learning, goat cheese, poetry & art, pocket notebooks, liturgies, being outside, turkish coffee, boycotting major corporations, and listening to songs over and over again. I'm a student of English Literature from Santa Cruz, California & the Netherlands, and I hope that this collective of creatives will inspire you to discover a little more about what it is to be human and live well.


Hannah Fletcher | CHIEF Copy Editor

Hey kids, my name is Hannah Fletcher and I am the Chief Copy Editor for Mars’ Hill. I am a second-year Philosophy major with a particular interest in existentialism, pragmatism, and philosophy of religion. What do I want to do with my degree, you ask? Well, I am an aspiring author of philosophical literature; I take my inspiration from Dostoevsky, Woolf, and Camus as well as Kierkegaard and Nietzsche (and, yes, I realise that sounds hecking edgy). My hobbies include reading, sleeping, shambling around the back 40, and dying my hair. I am very proud to be a part of this team and I hope you enjoy the paper.

janae staff pic.jpg

Janae Gartly | Visual Editor

Hey there! I’m a third year Art & Design Honours student, and the visual editor for Mars’ Hill. If you’ve picked up an issue this year, you’ve seen my work on the cover and in the feature article spread. As an artist, my studio practice apart from MH is drawing based, and focuses on portraiture, with interest in psychology, philosophy, and art theory. You’ll most likely catch me sitting in a patch of sun somewhere with my sketchbook and a cup of coffee—don’t be a stranger!


Maxwell Stow | Web Editor

Web Editor here. I am the bridge to connect our Mars’ Hill community to those abroad and elsewhere. Instead of outright saying what year I am, let’s play a little game of “What year is Maxwell Stow?”. Key hints: my first year TWUSA president was Cody Friesen and I have a yellow lanyard. Some people have said that I am taking the liberal arts education to the extreme by having a major in Computer Science and doing minors both in Business and in MCOM but I’d like to think that I am just a well-rounded individual. In my free time I like to play with my cat Tori (short for Tornado) and hang out with friends. Let’s make Mars’ Hill Great Again!


Kelsey Morris | Academy Editor

I’m your Academy Editor! I’m in my third year of the Honours Psychology program and plan to get all the degrees I possibly can before I turn 30! I’m a feeler, friend, feminist, and proud Enneagram FREAK--seriously, please talk to me about it, I can’t stop. I also can’t seem to figure out if I’m extraverted or not (whatever, honestly), psychoanalyze everything (especially myself), drink about a gallon of coffee a day (thanks TWUSA), and I’m radically okay with all of these things.


Kennedy Dragt | Art + Culture Editor

Is confused as to why everyone else’s bios so far are in first person. She is an a fourth year English Major, graduating in April. She knows nothing of pop culture (so she doesn’t really know why she was hired as Arts & Culture Editor), but loves dancing to obscure music and composing poems about nothing. Kennedy had a car named Gilbert, and a dog named Cola. Both are rather old and grey, but the dog is very fluffy and the car is not.


Ishitia Wilson| News Editor

As much as I would love to maintain a mysterious and unknown presence in the lives of my peers, I must write this little biography to let the people know who I am. Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way: I’m a third year Business student with concentrations in Marketing and Corporate Finance. Despite my major, I would actually love to disappear into the streets of Paris, or somewhere equally aesthetic, and start a career as a writer or artist. I have an (un)healthy love for Harry Potter, and for reading in general. Fun facts: I have a black belt in Karate and did competitive roller-skating when I was little.


Manfred Dewsbury | Layout Editor

Hey! My name is Manfred and I am your layout editor for the 2018/2019 Mars’ Hill. Essentially I take a whole bunch of texts and a whole bunch of art and turn it into a newspaper for you to read. I basically spend my life making/drinking coffee, listening to music, and occasionally ripping around on my skateboard.


Bailey Broadbent | Sports Editor

While the dream is to one day be commentating on Hockey Night in Canada, today I find myself here at Trinity as a fourth-year Media and Communication student. My time at TWU has been memorable to say the least, and the same can be said for my experiences here as a sports fan. I’ve been able to witness the highs like Spartans teams winning national championships, and experience the lows by painfully watching the Vancouver Canucks miss out on the playoffs 4 years in a row. Like a lot of you, I’m very much looking forward to what this season of sports has in store.


Nyssa Morgan | Humour Editor

As your Humour Editor for the 2018/19 year, I have dedicated my life to making content that makes you, the reader, smile, laugh, or even just exhale heavily out your nose. When I am not entertaining the campus in print, I am entertaining in person as an Acting major and regular player in 11:07 Improv shows. In my spare time (a.k.a when I should be doing things but I end up procrastinating), I binge watch Netflix shows, support an unhealthy Cheetos addiction, and stalk people on Instagram.


Sierra Ellis | Illustrator

Hello it’s me your friendly neighbourhood illustrator. All those crazy little doodles, portraits, comics and illustrations you will find while flipping through a Mars Hill are from me. I am a third year Art and Design Honours student from White Rock. I love all kinds of art, from painting to installation. Some other things I love include, youth ministry, thrift store jackets, the color yellow, and my dog Rocky. On a completely unrelated note, have you ever heard of Mars hill bill? Find him hidden in every issue of Mars Hill. I dare you.


Hannah Devries | Photo Editor

Hey everyone, I am your Mars’ Hill photographer and I’m thrilled to be working alongside the visual team for the 2018/19 year. You may have seen me walking around with my trusted Canon, or carrying my Polaroid waiting for photos to develop. If you enjoy things like denim, sunflowers, lemons, beanies or world maps, come say “hi!” Hope you’re digging this years’ visuals!


Emma Dykstra | Staff Writer

I’m Mars’ Hill’s one and only staff writer! I write on all sorts of stuff for the paper, from the trustworthiness of kombucha to the business tactics of Amazon. I am super pumped to be a part of this awesome team for the 2018/2019 year! I am passionate about all things journalism. My goal is to be a political journalist when I graduate. Things that I love include my friends, theatre, coffee, my family, cartooning, music, The Office, fall weather, the colour yellow, pugs, and of course Mars’ Hill. I’m so honoured to be on the team and I hope you are enjoying the paper!


Richard Enns |Advertising + Finance Manager

Hello. I am Richard. I like numbers. I like talking to people about Newspaper ads. Also, I'm not as boring as it sounds and neither is my job. I take care of the Mars’ Hill budget, talk to local businesses about advertising, and make sure we don't spend too much money on butter chicken. On the side, I love rock climbing, soccer, Church, and all sorts of competitive games! I truly appreciate this team, especially how they take advantage of their freedom of speech in expressing the various aspects of life.


HAZAL Senkonyuncu | Social Media Manager

I serve as your Social Media Manager for Mars’ Hill Newspaper. I like to think that I run a page that is inspiring your souls, but let’s be real-- I do more than that. In my free time, I like to cook, weight train, and accomplish bad parking jobs. It feels like I have been repeating this for a while now but, I am about to graduate from the Media and Communications department, with a minor in Human Kinetics. I imagine a future in which I create, write, watch quality films, and travel warm (underline that) places. I complain all the time, just check my Twitter. On a final note, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.